Blink is preparing to run a beta test for their new device and would like to invite you to participate! This beta is intended to cover all major features of our newest device and will include both guided testing and passive testing.

During the guided testing portion of the beta, there will be homework (activities) for you to follow that will guide you through all of the device's features. We will be looking for testers to tell us how the liked the features and how we can improve on them.

During the passive testing, testers will be asked to use the device naturally, like they would if they purchased the device. "Normal use" as we call it. There is no structured homework, we just want to see how our testers would use the device day to day This helps us get a better understanding of how the device's features will be used once the product is released. 

Before applying to the test, please review the requirements list below to ensure you are a good fit for the test.

Test Requirements:

  • Ability to mount the device outside
  • Ability to complete testing activities and the surveys within the four-week testing block
  • Ability to accurately report issues you come across

The beta is scheduled to run from April 11th to May 9th and will require that testers complete all test activities and test surveys in that amount of time.

Key details